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Heroes of Umbra is a free networked multiplayer 2D sidescrolling RPG-in-progress for Desktop, OUYA, and Android.

tofanimation asked: Great game! You mentioned being open to contributions as far as graphics. Anything in particular you'd like? Also, is there any chance of supporting a game controller for the desktop version?

People really seem to want more maps to explore. If you’re interested in creating some I have a post here about that. Content-wise pretty much everything is under wraps. I’ve started designing the final area but if people want to support the game it won’t be the last area I develop! 

Regarding the controller I do have an open ticket to add support for that, so it will happen as I transition to beta in a few months or so.

Anonymous asked: I finished off the third boss (Yeti), but nothing happened. I waited for awhile, until the Yeti respawned, killed it again and nothing happened. So, I tried killing myself by jumping off the cliff, but somehow I glitched into a cavern, which allows me to return to the Goosecopter. Do I need to kill the Yeti again?

I haven’t added anything past the yeti, sorry.

Sneak peek, final area-in-progress.
Every now and then we transition through challenges in life that force us to stay on our toes and work hard in hopes to ultimately overcome them. These past two months I’ve been going through such a challenge, so thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Sneak peek, final area-in-progress.

Every now and then we transition through challenges in life that force us to stay on our toes and work hard in hopes to ultimately overcome them. These past two months I’ve been going through such a challenge, so thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Anonymous asked: MD_Monster here(to lazy to login on phone lol). Where is the location of the games 'data' on android? I want to be able to copy/move my saves and character back and forth between PC and android.

It’s somewhere on the internal drive. I don’t remember where libgdx puts it. :<

fire-and-cats asked: I read from one of your posts that you don't get much time to work on this game, do you think it would help any if I did a bit of work on some of the simpler sprites and such for you? I'm not great with big detailed or animated things, but this game's graphical style seems like it should be okay to work with. I understand if you want to keep this project a personal one, but just let me know if there's something small you don't feel like spriting (items, hair, etc) and I could try it out.

I am open to contributions! I haven’t really posted the pre-requisites or any details, but all you need to know is that I strictly follow DawnBringer’s 16-color palette for all game assets. The character template is also available for you to play with. 

fire-and-cats asked: Platform-RPGs are pretty rare, and really good ones like this are even rarer. Though, it's basically impossible to do well with any balance of stats, I guess doing multiplayer with different people using different "classes" works. It's just a bit frustrating when a purely attack-spell focused mage takes half an hour to solo one boss. Now the character limit is getting a bit annoying to work around so I'll say more in a second ask.

I’ve since introduced enemy difficulty scaling, so soloing will be less painful and partying will be more fun. From now it’s just a matter of balancing! The boss should not take more than 10 minutes to kill solo. Otherwise I imagine it’d get boring. I appreciate and understand your concern. Thanks!

HoU v.28a

Hi there! Updates are here.

  • Added a statistics screen to track all sorts of interesting info.
  • Changed Regenerate: instead of each point increasing the frequency of heals, each point increases the amount of heals. (So the effect is more apparent)
  • OUYA performance fixes for the third dungeon.
  • Changed how drops work for quests. (You must accept the quest before acquiring the quest drops.)
  • New boss drops for the third boss


December Updates

In case you were curious what happened in December. (A lot.)

  • Changed healthbars to red
  • Added falling icicles to the third dungeon
  • Added monster power scaling based on the number of players connected. 
  • Added two new hotkey slots
  • Fixed EXP display
  • Gave each area unique platform graphics
  • Implemented all of the Tier 4 spells
  • Added a screenshot key
  • Added tons of NPCs to the third village
  • Added stat comparisons to shops
  • Added interior maps
  • Finished all the maps for the third dungeon
  • Added some new status effects
  • Added lots of new enemies and drops
  • Added a new minigame
  • Broke then re-optimized some network logic
  • Added a boss
  • Added a quest engine for NPCs
  • Added an equipment reset NPC.
  • A fuckton of bugfixes

Since Christmas I have been mostly stabilizing the build as much as possible. I’m not working on things as often for fear of burnout but I did spend some time recently working on the 4th (and final) dungeon tileset this weekend.

HoU v.0.27a

I’m continuing my trend of frequent releases in hopes that the game will soon be stable enough to play multiplayer again. If you encounter any issues please file a ticket.

  • World map is now the correct size
  • Updated some incorrect gem names
  • Changed some erroneous dialogue
  • Helicopters for network players clear when leaving the map (no more helicopters in purtatory)
  • Players should render correctly in multiplayer games again
  • Gave the second boss his main attack again
  • Fixed a bug where combustion wouldn’t display when casted by another player in multiplayer mode
  • Hats actually add ranks to skills now (oops)
  • Difficulty should scale correctly for multiplayer
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks for multiplayer


HoU v.0.26a update!

To address a few bugs reported, I’ve pushed a minor bugfix/balancing update.

  • Fixed some bugs with the helicopter minigame
  • Players that die can choose to return to their point of death or the previous town.

Skill changes:

  • Leap damage reduced slightly. (At max 200% ->140%)
  • Counter now gives a passive damage reduction. (15% at max)
  • Throw damage increased (140% -> 230%)


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