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Heroes of Umbra is a free networked multiplayer 2D sidescrolling RPG-in-progress for Desktop, OUYA, and Android.

August updates

It has been a bumpy road for development recently. Over three weeks went by without a single build. Finally, I got everything in order and pushed a new version of the game. I played through the first dungeon and it seemed fairly solid (no new fatal bugs); however, there are many underlying infrastructure changes so I’m sure I missed something.

As always, please remember this is an alpha so things are constantly changing. Therefore, your help in testing is always appreciated. With that, here’s what changed recently:

  • Enlarged description window for items. Prior, I manually set stat changes for items in the description. Now it’s dynamically inserted as a second line. (No more discrepancies between what stats the description says it changes and what it actually changes.)
  • Item “uniqueness” infrastructure.  Two identical items can now have slightly different attributes. If in the future I add a slight variance to, say, the attack power of a rare sword that you loot, I can do this now! Currently, it is used for…
  • Item upgrade infrastructure. I’ll add a full write-up on this when it’s available in-game, but for now the important thing to note is that each piece of equipment you acquire in the new version has a small grid that appears in the description, which is unique to each equip.  This grid is the number of upgrades available for that item. For drops, it is randomly determined, so if you find gear with a large grid, I suggest holding onto it.
  • Added village NPCs: Guard, Tutorial, and Elder. The storyline is expanded slightly when you get to the village now, too.
  • Skill balancing: buffed Heal slightly and increased cost from 1EP to 2 EP. Magic Mastery gives a slight boost to EP regeneration.
  • Exp curve: This is always going to be changing. It’s not my intention to make grinding mandatory, but I’d like to balance it so players can begin building their characters early, while not making it so you get a level up every couple encounters. Ideally, players will be 20-25 by the Troll and 40-45 by the Frog King.
  • Many more item icons. The hand-axe you get won’t have a sword icon anymore.